Where your marketing production budgets are totally in your control

Control Room Invest helps you manage your advertising and production spend more effectively and provides you with the reporting and insights to support your decision making and marketing planning.

How Control Room Invest Adds Value to your Business

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Control your production budgets

  • You can relax knowing your marketing spend is under control.
  • The need for detailed estimates and multiple bids means you can maximise value from your budgets.
  • You and your team will have full online approval of all estimates.
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Visibility of your spend

  • Your marketing spend information is stored in one place.
  • All stakeholders can see how much has been spent so far, and what budget remains.
  • Control Room Invest allows you to view and control your on-going spend in real time.
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Powerful reporting and insights

  • Gain powerful and actionable insights through our reporting.
  • Make better informed decisions on your marketing budgets and future planning.
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Saves you valuable time

  • We help you save time and allow you to focus more on bringing your brand to life, knowing that your budget is well invested.

How Control Room Invest works

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  • Campaign information is captured all in one place on Control Room, with an overview of budget and spend per campaign.
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Estimates & Approvals

  • Create and view detailed estimates in a few easy steps.
  • There is triple bidding for all projects to find the best option for your production.
  • All estimates require approval, providing full control.
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  • Reporting provides transparency and clarity on all spend.
  • All reporting is fully customisable to give you the precise information you need.
  • Our reports allow you to analyse data by brand, market, region, product category, period of year, cost category, and more.
Virtuous Cycle

Who is Control Room Invest for?

  • Brands

    • Gain control of production spend through capturing of detailed information on every production project.
    • Approve all estimates through our approval process.
    • Utilise the Powerful reporting to strengthen and add value to the marketing planning process, and to make the best decisions.

  • Agencies

    • Work with your clients more closely to capture granular detail on all production projects.
    • Track approvals of production projects.
    • Support your client in the marketing planning process.
    • Improved detailed reporting capabilities to add value to you and your clients.

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